Club de la Philosophie,
summer-thing to think of

The club 2010; fr v Björn Haglund, philosopher, Sven Carlsson, economist, Malin Ekström who works in the Malmoe Opera and Jean-Luc Guin´Amant, painter. Behind the camera Jeanette Axvi, journalist.

Since some summers there is a "Club de la philosophie" in the provencal village of St Martin de la Pallières. A group of swedes and french people meet and discuss philosophical ideas concerning anything that matters in life och art. The village is situated in a pastoral and green region och Provence in the south east of France, just about 70 km north from Toulon. Imagine green hills mountains with valleys filled with crops like vegetables, rye and wheat, sunflowers and vineyards. From the village on top of the mountain one can watch the alps 300 km up north in clear air. ST Martin de Pallières is almost 1000 years old, the first parts of it. Most of the houses date from the siecles 1600 to 1700. Varm in summer: up to +33 and chillly -4-11 in winter.
Members of the club
are now from Sweden: Sven Carlsson och Malin Ekström from Malmoe, Björn Haglund and Jeanette Axvi from Gothenburg and from France: JenLuc Guin´Amant and Cylvie Pesnel from Paris.

JeanLuc is an artist so is Cylvie. She is also a photographer and working in the Beaubourg museum in Paris.

The summer of 2011 was long and so poetic. Haiku, the japanese poem, was the subject to think of and create haikus in french.

And here are the results:

Elle est là enfin
Et la vie s´éclaive là
avec les amis

By Jean Luc Guin´Amant



La lune se lève
mes mains fermant tes yeux
les etoiles filantes

By Cylvie Pesnel


Si tu regarde dans le miroir
tu voit la verité
Si tu n´aime pas
Tourne le miroi

By Sven Carlsson


La vie
Pro et Cie
- ici

By Malin Ekström


me trompe
mais la verité
- j´aime la fantasie

By Björn Haglund


Le ciel bleu
- la femme pleure
pense à l´été

By Jeanette Axvi