Göteborg-Kalender 2005

Röda Sten, Göteborgs västra kulturhus:

Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg
och Botaniska trädgården

Röhsska Muséet


The Smiley Collection:

Smileys, also known as emoticons, are sometimes short forms of common words, sometimes iconic signs and often simple interpunction. They have evolved in email communications, then to spread to other media. Smileys can always be combined, invented and re-invented. Here are some...

<--- Refering to self
:-) Smile
:-D Smile II
:) Classical smiley
:* Kiss
^* Controlled kiss
'-) Wink
;-) Wink II
:-X My lips are sealed
:-P Tongue-in-cheek
:-y Tongue wagging
() A Hug
<> Kiddy Hug
{} Romantic Hug
[] Grandmother Hug
:'( Crying
O:) Angel
}:> Devil
:-):-( Masks Theatrical Comments
:<) For those w/ hairy lips
:<)= For those w/ beards too
:/) Not funny
P-) Pirate
(@@) You're Kidding!
:-" Pursing lips
:-v Speaking face (side profile)
:-V Shouting
:-w Speak w/ forked tongue
:-W Shout w/ forked tongue
:-r Bleahhh
:-f Bleahhh
:-p Bleahhh
:-1 Smirk
:-, Smirk II
<:-O Eeek!
:-* Oops! (covering mouth c hand)
:-T Keeping a straight face
:-o More shouting
:-O Still more shouting
:-{ Count Dracula
=|:-)= Uncle Sam
:-# Censored
:-x Kiss, kiss
:-> Another Happy Face
:-( Unhappy
:-C Really Unhappy
:-< Forlorn
:-B Drooling
:-| Disgusted
:-? Licking your lips
<:>== A Turkey
:-):-):-) Loud Guffaw
:-J Tongue-in-cheek
:*) Clowning Around
:-8 Talking out of both sides of your mouth
@= Mushroom cloud
<:-) For dumb questions
O= A burning candle
-= A doused candle
OO Highlights on a message
:_) Nose out-of-joint
B-) Batman
B-| Michael Keaton Batman
#:-) Matted hair
:-O Oh, nooo! (A la Mr Bill)
|-( Late night messages
:^) Messages about noses
:-{#} Someone in braces
(:-$ Ill
(:-& Angry
(:-( Very Sad
(:^( Broken nose
(:<) Blabbermouth
:-(=) Big teeth
&:-) Curly Hair
@:-) Wavy Hair
?-( Black Eye
%-) Broken glasses
+<:-| Monk/Nun
{o-) Cyclops
(:-|K- Formal message
@%&$%& You know what this means
||*( Handshake offered
||-) Handshake accepted
<&&> Rubber chickens
><>< Argyle socks
2B|^2B Message about Shakespeare
(-_-) Secret smile
<{:-)} Message in a bottle
<:-)<<| Message from a rocket
(:-... Heart Breaking Message
<<<<(:-) Message from a hat salesman
(O-< A fishy message
(:->-< Message from a thief
(I==I) A message on four wheels
:^{ Another mustache
{' Alfred Hitchcock
(:-) With yarmulke
8-) With glasses
:-E Vampire
:^)= Vampire with a charming nose (e.g. Egyptian Vampiress)
:-s Have a normal day
:- Male
>- Female
s-0 Birth
8-# Death
(:s Egghead
=``( Crying smiley
*<({:-{)}> Santa
%-( I've been looking at this screen for 5 hours straight
:-$ Banker
$-) Lawyer or agent
:o) Another happy face
->o Santa 2
<:o) Clown
:-----------} Pinnchio smiley
:-o~ Drooling
{8-> Beatnik
[:-|] You're kidding!

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