Gert Wingårdh,

Swedens most famous architect

Text and photo by Jeanette Axvi

Architecture. Imagine there are architects that love to create buildings that meet peoples longing for beauty. That creates houses like palaces. Palaces that are for everyone, because they are public houses. Like embassys, for example the swedish embassy in Washington, USA or the swedish embassy in Berlin, Germany. Of course there must exist even private villas that have a taste of palacial beauty.

Gert Wingårdh is an architect like this. During 16th of January until 27th of April The famous museum in Gothenburg, Röhsska museet, exhibits an interesting bit of Gert Wingårdhs houses from 30 years of work as an architect. 8 houses made by bureau Gert Wingårdh and his crew of 130 persons. So it is the company that is creating - but Gert himself absolutely has a great impact on his companys important role for swedish architecture. He tells that one of his first memories as a child was from felling into his grandfathers swimmingpool. That world of bluegreen shimmering that almost swallowed him but luckily became an inspiration for life. The bluegreen shimmering Citadellbadet, a hammam in Landskrona in the south of Sweden is build with glass in three different colours and along these glass walls water is running. When Gert Wingårdh started his first architect firm in a former little shop at Haga in Gothenburg the window glass had water running along the surface ...
Picture: Citadellbadet, the hammam in Landskrona, Sweden. In the background big photo of Gert Wingårdh.

- I take a bath at home every morning, he says. Together with my wife Karin in the hot bath - about 41-42 degrees.

- Citadellbadet is like a big waterfall when experienced at the ground floor. The whole building is surrounded with water. And in the swedish emabassy in Washington there is water in the lobby - but this idea came from the famous designer of glass Ingegerd Råman. That of course suited my heart.

About 600 buildings

During 30 years of creative work about 600 buildings have been built. Via many conquests Gert Wingårdh and his crew has reached the status as the most priced architects in Sweden. 5 Kasper Salin prices is a uniqe number gone to this firm which give Gert Wingårdh the status of an icon!

Gert Wingårdh at the exhibition in Röhsska museet, Göteborg, Sweden.

Exhibition from January 16 - April 27 2008. 30 years to celebrate.