Annika Wingårdh, with eyes for the unseen

AN summer 2014, J A


Annika Wingårdh held her exhibition in Marstrand on the west coast of Sweden this spring after a succesful show in Borås. Her photo art was a sort of revolution in photo art when she first appeared on the art scene some years ago. Her photos Frozen Moments were inspired of the unglamouros but so, she found, very interesting hulls of leasure boats; saling- and motorboats.

It began when she went with the family boat up the river Säveån east of Gothenburg. Annika Wingårdh , who is a well known art director and graphic designer, happen to be seated at the wharff and then she got mesmerized by the botton of the boats that were on land in the autumn and lying there waiting for the summertime.

The art by Annika Wingaårdh consists of the fascinating pictures that met her eyes, phantasie and camera. She has then taken pictures at many small boat wharfs and the last two years the art has been more connected to feelings and thoughts that really captivate the spectator.

The artwork begin in her camera and go on in Photo Shop.
- But I dont change the colors in the pirctures. And don´t paint in them, I only augment. The best outdoor light to catch pictures is in autum, in oktober, so most of the photos are from the glimmering autumn light.

The hulls of the boats have a lot to tell, but nobody have seen that before. For Annika Wingårdh the hulls are time children. Moments of something rolled by the see and the boat owners painting.




Text and photo: Jeanette Axvi ©