Final touch of fashion
at Tillskärarakademin

By Jeanette Axvi

AN may 2000

On the 14th of May 2000 the students of Tillskärarakademin in Gothenburg shows their fashion of their creating year. The show is held at the City theatre of Gothenburg. Classical tailoring as well as newborn fashion, costumes foot the theatre, hats and clothes made with computerised patterns.
The school itself is situated in an even more romantic surroundings than the theatre, namely in an old 16th century manor, with a serene park. All situated close to the 1950-slim sport arena Ullevi in the centre of Gothenburg.

The school is an important place, base and phase for Swedish fashion people. The art of making pattern for sewing is the elementary subject. The education here also contains 3 subjects unique in Sweden: theatre costumes, computerised patterns and modiste.

More theatre than history
In one year it is possible to learn how to make and work with costumes for the theatre and film. The historic eye on history is possible to get through a good teacher that has come right from Dalateatern in Falun, Sweden.
Kent Vickström is teaching how to work with costumes for men during the spring semester.
- There are books filled with patterns for clothes from different times. The designer has a ground but fill it with her or his own ideas and colours.
From medieval times to 19th century biedermaier there is much to find.

Dior, jitterbug and hats
The art of constructing fashion patterns is the elementary of the education. On computer is a modern way of working. Still much is done by hand in the ready-made business but there is much to earn.
- Now fashion business is on the go in Sweden, says student Daniel Gabrielle. and it's the right timing for us.
The students have to construct basic clothes in the computer subject. As well as those of the elementary subject. They also, of course, create a collection of their own.
The modiste education is two years long and before one must have two years of sewing education.
Tillskärarakademin gives a basic education that make it possible for people to go further and become textile engineers and fashion designers.

Fashion show in Stadsteatern, Gothenburg, Sunday 14th of May 2000, at 14.00 and 17.00.

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Louise Sjödahl i egen design.


Per Enarsson skapade en hovrdäkt från Ludvig XIV tid.


The hat is on: Fr left Karin Wallmander, Katja Rautalin (top) in Annika Gripencreutz´hat, Karin Hertzberg and in front Josefin Forsell in her crown