French artist in the world

Jean-Luc Guin´Amant in his terrace with Maja the cat.

AN January 2010

The french artist Jean-Luc Guin´Amant lives in the village of St Martin de Pallières in Provence. He has his market in the big world with exhibitions in for example USA and Canada, in many european countries, e g Sweden, Poland, Italy and of course France.
Maybe it is natural then to live and work in St Martin, a small village up in the mountain, hosting a big castle that is seen from far away. The village itself contains only some narrow alleys framed with high, thin houses. Anyone would love to live here in this county that is called "The green Provence". Here there are forests with oaks and pines along the mountain slopes. Down in the walleys the sight is romantic with fields growing sunflowers, wheat, beans and herds of sheep and vineyards.


Painting on parachute sil k by Jean-Luc Guin´Amant.

In november 2009 Jean-Luc Guin´Amant had an exhibition with paintings and mixed media at Gallery Sjöhästen in Nyköping in Sweden. Jean-Luc is a popular painter in Sweden and other countries; e g France of course and Canada, USA, Poland. Look at the following CV .

Club de la Philosophie

Summer 2009 was the time for philosophy. We were a small gang that went to Jean-Lucs beautiful house and garden for a dinner: Malin Ekström, Sven Carlsson, Björn Haglund and writer Jeanette Axvi. French dinner and philosophy with discussion on different subjects. Jean-Luc Guin´Amant started with "Why are we so afraid and what are we afraid of"? Malin presented Pascals "order is the way of the mainstream", Sven liked Kants categoric imperative, Jeanette Simone de Beauvoirs feminist philosophy and Björn Haglunds presented his own thought "Art show something but don´t say anything, words say something but don´t show anything."


©Text and photo Jeanette Axvi

Lives and works in Paris and Provence in France 1 / 3


1980-1992 Several exhibitions in France, Canada , Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland

1993 Gallery Na Odwachu. Wroclaw. Poland
Gallery de Chateaurouillaud. Pesmes. France
Maison des Arts. Argenteuil. France
1994 Gallery Riddersvik. Stockholm. Sweden
Gallery Bacchus. Borås. Sweden
C.A.C.L. Guéret. France
Gallery Orfeus. Eskilstuna. Sweden
1996 Gallery Art Selection. Zurich. Switzerland
Gallery Spaziotemporaneo. Milan. Italy
Orangerie de Soisy sous Montmorency. France
Gallery Hélios. Honfleur. France
MAC 2000. Paris. France
1997 Gallery Nord. Örebro. Sweden
Gallery Hélios. Honfleur. France
MAC 2000. Paris. France
1998 Gallery Grondin Thibault. Paris. France
Cultural Center. Noisy le Grand. France
1999 Villa Tamaris. La seyne sur mer. France
Gallery Wind. Soest. Holland.
Gallery Spaziotemporénao. Milan. Italy
2000 Gallery Bergman. Stockholm. Sweden
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck. U.S.A.
Gallery Solange Erez. Boulogne Billancourt. France
Gallery Nord. Orebro. Suéde
2001 Gallery Ericsson. Stockholm. Suéde
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck. U.S.A.
Le Mas des Graviers. Pourriéres. France
2002 Gallery Pascal Vanhoecke. Cachan . France
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck . U.S.A.
Gallery De Graaf . West Palm Beach . U.S.A.
2003 Gallery Nord . Orebro . Sweden.
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck . U.S.A.
2004 Gallery Oile Mauve. Paris .France.
Cultural Center ,Taverny , France
2005 Gallery Sjöhästen. Nyköping. Sweden
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck . U.S.A
2006 Gallery De Graaf . Grand Rapids . U.S.A
2007 Gallery Espace Alliance .Orléans .France
Gallery La Petite . Paris .France
Gallery De Graaf. Grand Rapids . U.S.A .
Gallery Nord . Òrebro . Suéde
2008 Hôtel de ville de St Ouen l'Aumone
Galerie Jamoz 22 Coustellet .France
Galleri Ingela S. Stockholm .Suéde
2009 Gallery De Graaf. Grand Rapids . U.S.A
Gallery Sjöhästen. Nyköping. Sweden
Galerie Jamoz 22 Coustellet .France

Gallery Bergman ; Stockholm . Sweden
Gallery Bergman. Goteborg . Sweden
Artist representative Christine D.Gauthier . Kansas City . U.S.A.
Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck . U.S.A.
Gallery Envie d'art . Paris . France
Gallery La Hune Brenner . Paris . France
Internet Gallery Henrik Kummel . Paris . France
Nines a Gallery. Douglas . USA
Gallery Nord . Orebro . Sweden
Gallery Spaziotemporenao . Milan . Italy
Gallery Pascal Vanhoecke . Cachan . France
Gallery Ingela S. Stockholm .Suéde
Gallerie BackYard. Copenhague. Danmark


1977-1980 Séveral exhibitions in the south of France
1981-1991 Several exhibitions in France, Canada, Sweden, Denmark
and Switzerland
1992 Gallery Na Solnym. Wroclaw. Poland
Salle municipale. Argenteuil. France
1993 Gallery Tai. New York. U S A
Saga (La Bête à Cornes ). Paris. France
Gallery Hélios. Honfleur. France
Estampa (La Bête à Cornes). Madrid. Spain
1994 Gallery Nord. Örebro. Sweden
Saga (La Bête à Cornes). Paris. France
Gallery Euros. Mulhouse. France
Osaka Triennial. Osaka. Japan
1995 Saga ( Gallery Helios). Paris. France
Gallery Lucette Herzog. Paris. France
1996 Saga ( Cillart). Paris. France
1997 Saga ( Gallery Helios ). Paris. France
Printed month in Paris (Pons Studio). France
Argenteuil Castle. Waterloo. Belgium
Silvert Projet Gallery Osaka .Japon
1998 Art Expo (L.Dube Edition) New York. U.S.A.
Gallery Nord. Örebro. Sweden
SAGA (L.D. Edition) Paris. France
Escatologica (Gallery Spaziotemporenao) Sienna. Italy
Art multiple (L.D. Edition) Dusseldorf. Germany
Art Expo ( L.D. Edition ) Los Angeles. U.S.A.
1999 Gallery Suzanne Tarasieve. Barbizon. France
SAGA. Gallery Hélios. Paris. France
Gallery Ebert & Björk. Stockholm. Sweden
Kunstmarkt (L.D. Edition) Dusseldorf. Germany
Gallery Vivendi. Paris. France
MAC 2000. Paris. France
2000 Gallery 40. Temse. Belgium
Romania Cultural Center. Paris. France
Contemporary art biennial of Corbeil-Essonnes. France
Art Fair (MAC 2000). Istanbul. Turkey
Wind Festival.Calvi. Corse
2001 Gallery Avivson . Paris . France
MAC 2000. Paris. France
2002 Strasbourg Art Fair (Laurier Dubé Gallery). France
Contemporary art biennal of Corbeil-Essonnes. France
Wind festival. Calvi. Corse
Gallery Odile Mauve. Paris. France
Gallery Caracteres .Paris .France
2003 Gallery du Cardinal . Corse . France
21e Poetry Market. Signum Edition. Paris. France
2004 Gallery De Graaf . Saugatuck . U.S.A.
Cultural Center ,Pierrefitte , France
The poetry spring in Paris , Gallery Les Arcades , Paris , France
2005 22e Poetry Market. Signum Edition. Paris. France
Gallery De Graaf . Grand Rapids . U.S.A.
Art Market .Marin .Martinique
Art & Espoir Hopital de la Princesse .Le Vésinet .France
Mac 2005 .Paris . France
2006 Art & Espoir . Hopital Necker. Paris. France
Galery Ingela S. .Stockholm .Suéde
Hotel de Monthiers . Pontoise . France
Art Center :Red Box .Barjols . France
Cultural Space Condorcet .Viry-Chatillon .France
2007 Art & Espoir . Hopital Necker. Paris. France
24e Poetry Market. Signum Edition. Paris. France
Gallery Ingela S. Stockholm .Suéde
Triptyque . Angers . France
2008 Galerie Alliance . Orléans .France
MIWAA ­ New York City .U.S.A.
Tourgeville Gallery .Tourgeville . France
Rencontre Des Arts .Mers-sur-indre . France

1982 Art magazine :Discussion .Montréal .Canada
1983 Art magazines: Interventions and Cahiers . Montréal. Canada
Interview by CKSB radio Winnipeg. Canada
1984 Art book: Art actual. Montréal. Canada
1988 Interview by France Culture radio ( Studio, by P. Chapuis) Paris. France
1993 Show in FR3 TV about exhibition in Pesmes. France
Collective catalogue. Hélios gallery. Honfleur. France
1996 Solo catalogue. Hélios gallery. France
1997 Collectif book from Arts Collection . SA Galerie Silver Projet . Osaka .Japon
1998 Taylor foundation, Rugale Michailov painting price. Paris . France
1999 Solo catalogue. Villa Tamaris. La Seyne sur mer , France
Participation in the book "Black" « Noir » with the poet Michael Linch.TranSignum Edition .Paris
2000 First painting price at the contemporary art biennial of Corbeil-Essonnes. France
2001 Show in ''Tracks'' program in TV Arte about an installation realized in Calvi
(Corse) during the Wind festival.
Organized and directed the exhibition of the collection of the Art Foundation Colas
During the road worldwide congress in Paris. France
2002 Limited edition book "Angel's days" in collaboration with the poet Pierre-Marc Levergeois.TranSignum Edition .Paris
2004 Limited edition book "Clartés d'érive" in collaboration with the poetess Geneviéve Clancy.TranSignum Edition .Paris
Limited edition book " A stone" in collaboration with the poet Lionel Ray. TranSignum Edition .Paris
2006 Limited edition book "Dispersion d'une image" in collaboration with the poetessTita Reut .L'Ariane Edition .Nice
2007 Publication in the Poetic magazine "La Traductiére" .Paris .France
Catalogue de la vente Métanoia . Paris France
Catalogue de l'exposition " Triptyque" . Angers .France

Present in différents collections: privates, and from companies and institutions
In France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and U.S.A.
Specially, in France: the artothéques of Miramas, Limoges, Valence,
Argenteuil and Soisy/Montmorency. The museum of St Maur les fossés.
In Canada the town of Montréal, in Sweden the towns: Karlstad and Örebro
And in Switzerland, Zurich. In U.S.A. the Chase Manhattan bank (NYC) and
G. Terbovitch inc. Design (Kansas City)