by 3 fashion designers

New stars: Emma Hermansson, Laura Tran and Zandra Teichreber

At NK, the big store in Göteborg a fashion show happened on the third of June 2000. The summer is a good start for 3 young new designers. Laura Tran, Emma Hermansson and Zandra Teichreber. They have just finished their education in cutting and sewing at Tillskärarakademin, the haute couture-school in Göteborg. They joined together to create a collection of clothes for a new autumn and winter 2001.

Their style is very new and interesting: nature with feathers, leaves and graceful grass as a main inspiring source. The collection was called "Liberation".
- Liberation to and Liberation from said Laura Tran when we met in a very stylish cafe in the centre of Göteborg.
There is a warm feeling for nature in the creations. And the colours are soft and warm. Green in many nuances, snow violet, yellow, brown, fuchsia. The silhouettes are slender and elegant and astonishing new with loose parts,
- In the collection we had the chance to practice how the established companies work; in team, giving and taking ideas and creating something together, says Emma Hermansson. They all have their own style but working together break new ice.

The whole is bigger than the parts. The three designers have chosen NK as their catwalk. But all the work and planning are their own work. They also searched for - and got sponsors to make the clothes and the big show. Several names, KnappCarlsson the big button store in Göteborg, Eton shirt designer, model agency Carabana, AG Persson tissues are some of the sponsors.

Is Sweden becoming an important fashion country? Maybe. There are many new names coming up. And maybe in the future there will be more Swedish designers than Marcel Marongiu in Paris!